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As always ÖMV prioritizes health & safety first

Therefore to reduce the risks connected to the COVID-19 pandemic, ÖMV has enforced:

  • A total ban on all business travel unless for critical business reason specifically approved by either ÖMV MD or OSTP Group Head of Sales 
  • All meetings until further notice should be arranged by Lync / Skype / Teams or Phone links.
  • All non-business critical customer/supplier visits to our site is until further notice banned.
  • We encourage all employees to consider carefully personal travels abroad and insist on 14 day self-quarantine on any returns.

We will continue to closely monitor the situation and our group position will be updated as new information becomes available or circumstances change.

We wish to confirm that both ÖMV´s production as well as our Site Service teams are currently fully operational on a normal basis with continuing flows of raw materials ‘IN’ and finished goods ‘OUT’ subject only to locally enforced country or customer regulation/restrictions. 
Please do not hesitate to contact us for your needs as we are ready to support you as usual !

If you as a customer of ÖMV have restrictions on receipts of ordered goods please inform your sales contact immediately to ensure we can best plan and mitigate possible unnecessary transport cost impacts.




OSTP Nyheter

jan 2021


ÖMV - ÖMV är ett bolag som med engagemang och modern teknologi tillverkar avancerad processutrustning vilka hjälper våra kunder ekonomiskt och därmed bidrar till en hållbar framtid. Våra huvudprodukter är värmeväxlare, reaktorer, tankar, cisterner och kolonner.

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